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Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy


  • Bible    Basics: Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus - Recounts the prophecies of    the Messiah found throughout the Psalms and prophets of the Old Testament. 

  • Biblical Prophecy    Resource Center - Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus - Examines a large list    of Old Testament verses which most agree are descriptions of the Messiah. 

  • Jesus and Scripture's    Historical Records and Prophecy - Jesus' View of the historical records    of the Old Testament Scriptures. 

  • Jews for Jesus -    Messianic Prophecy - Analysis of the Old Testament prophecies regarding    Jesus. 

  • Messianic    Prophecies - Examines Old Testament texts written centuries before the    coming of the Christ (Messiah) and their fulfillment by Jesus Christ. 

  • Messianic    Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ - Messianic Prophecies fulfilled by    Jesus Has Old Testament prophecies about the coming Messiah with full text    and the New Testament fulfillment of the prophecies, also with full text. 

  • Messianic Prophecy -    Messianic Prophecy: Reviews the incredible evidence for Jesus Christ. 

  • Old Testament Prophecies    Fulfilled by Jesus - Old Testament prophecies foretold the life and    mission of Jesus Christ hundreds of years before He was born. 

  • Over 300 Prophecies Jesus    Fulfilled - Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled over 300 prophecies about the    Jewish Messiah. 

  • Prohecies Fulfilled    in Jesus - There have been described in the Old Testament 300 prophecies    of the first coming of the Messiah and 500 of the second coming, all of then    made hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus and fulfilled to the letter    in Jesus Christ, the Messiah. 

  • Prophecies    of Jesus Christ as Messiah - Evidence that Jesus Christ is the Messiah    predicted by the Old Testament. 

  • A    Ready Defense - Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus - Jesus had    various credentials to support His claims to being the Messiah, God's son.    One credential often overlooked is the fulfillment of prophecy in His life. 

  • The    Virgin Birth of Christ: Prophecies in Genesis and Isaiah - The    Protevangelium implies that Christ would be the seed of a woman only, and    Isaiah states that he would be born of an almah, which means virgin.



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