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Answers for Non-Christians

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Answers for Non-Christians


  • Answers on Jesus    Christ's Life, Death and Resurrection - Answers to all the most    frequently asked questions about Christ. Examine the evidence for His    divinity, miracles and claims. 

  • ArabicNoor - Answers    questions about Jesus, Christianity and Islam. 

  • Beyond Blind Faith    - Article exploring and investigating the claims of Jesus Christ. 

  • Blackballing    Scripture: Scholarship Takes a Beading - Exposes the politically correct    skeptics and self-proclaimed Jesus experts of the so-called Jesus Seminar. 

  • Breaking    The Da Vinci Code - Christianity Today Magazine - Examines the bizarre    accusations made by the author of the "Da Vinci Code" and ABC    News. 

  • Brent    Bozell: ABC's Empty Assault on Jesus - Commentary against an ABC News    program devoted to the conspiracy theory found in the book "The Da    Vinci Code." 

  • Comparing Jesus and    World Religions - A brief look into the major aspects of Jesus Christ,    in contrast to what's in the world's religions. 

  • Jesus'    Missing Years - An analysis of the biblical record showing that it is    highly improbable that Jesus studied in India for the "missing" 18    years of His life. 

  • The Jesus    Seminar - ChristianAnswers.Net - Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak    for? 

  • Jesus    Seminar Preface - A critique of the Jesus Seminar by Dr. Birger Pearson    of the University of California. 

  • Mel    Gibson: Passion and Prejudice - Addresses the war being waged by leftist    revisionist historians on the Scriptural account of Jesus Christ. 

  • The    Quest for the Lost Jesus - Introducing Muslims to the historical Jesus    of Nazareth, and tools/method for researching first-century history. 

  • The "Swoon"    Theory - Did Jesus actually just pass out on the cross, then later wake    up in the tomb? 

  • Was    Jesus married? - Hal Lindsey answers the blasphemous accusations made by    ABC News. 

  • Who Is I Am - Is Jesus a Lunatic, Liar,    or Lord? - - Explores the life of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? Is He God?    Am I in need of a savior? 

  • Who Was    Jesus? - A critique of unorthodox and bizarre theories regarding Jesus.



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