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Jesus Christ

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Jesus Christ

  • Articles:    Historical Jesus - A series of articles by Dr. William Lane Craig    addressing the miracles of Jesus and the Resurrection. 

  • Bible History    Online - Jesus Resources - Historical site which contains links to    articles on the Lord Jesus. 

  • Biographical Jesus Institute    - All about historical Jesus of Nazareth: words, teachings and life of Jesus    Christ - Online educational resource 

  • Catholic    Encyclopedia: Jesus Christ - Articles on the Life of Christ from the    Catholic Encyclopedia. 

  • Christ Jesus - Examines the evidence    for the Resurrection. 

  • Contemporary    Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ    - After an appraisal of recent scholarship on the historicity of the    resurrection of Jesus Christ, Professor William Craig contends that    "the resurrection appearances, the empty tomb, and the origin of the    Christian faith - all point unavoidably to one conclusion: the resurrection    of Jesus". 

  • The Earthly Ministry    of Jesus in His Travels and Miracles - Master's Thesis on the travels    and miracles of Jesus' earthly ministry. 

  • Fifth Gospel of Jesus Christ - Four    Gospels collated into a fifth, translated from the Majority Greek Text, with    expanded, grammatically enhanced sayings of Jesus. Questions and answers and    Bible study. 

  • Finding    the Historical Jesus: An Interview With John P. Meier - Catholic    University scholar John P. Meier discusses how the Jesus of faith is linked    to the Jesus of history. 

  • Highlights    in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ - A series of biblically based    lessons on the life and message of Jesus. 

  • History,    Archaeology and Jesus by Paul L. Maier - Extra-biblical references to    Christ and to people named in the New Testament. 

  • Jesus - An    inspirational site which explores the message of the Lord Jesus. 

  • Jesus Christ Only - A    collection of sermons, articles & illustrations to help you understand    the unique person of Jesus Christ the Son of God. 

  • Jesus' Teachings, as Told in    the Gospels - Summary of Jesus' teachings. Includes chronological table,    map of His life and ministry. 

  • Jesus    the Christ - A Christology course by Gerard Hall, Australian Catholic    University. Draws on modern historical scholarship, while maintaining    respect for the sacred. 

  • Jesus the Jew    - Explores the Jewishness of Jesus. 

  • Life of Christ - Life, history    and teachings of Jesus. 

  • Life of    Jesus - An analysis of the life and teachings of Jesus by Professor    Barry D. Smith of Atlantic Baptist University. 

  • The    Ministry of Jesus Christ - The story of Jesus with photos and links for    keywords. 

  • Question This - Asks the tough    questions about Jesus Christ. 

  • ReJesus - Explores His life,    character, teachings and followers, how He has been quoted and misquoted,    written about, worshipped and argued over. 

  • The Resurrection: Miracle or    Myth? - Can we know beyond any doubt that Jesus really rose from the    dead? 

  • Studies in    Apologetics - Presents the towering mind and character of Jesus and    discusses Old Testament prophecies concerning His Lordship. 

  • The Times    and Places of Jesus - Paul L. Maier emphasizes the specificity of the    temporal and geographic references to Christ, as opposed to mythical    reference points and unsure chronologies. 

  • To The Ends Of The Earth    - Mystic, Prophet, Holy Man, Healer--who is Jesus? Did he really claim to be    the Son of God? Is there any evidence to prove the extraordinary things    claimed about him? 

  • Who Is Jesus? -    Teacher? Lord? Liar? Genius? Prophet? God? Myth? Savior? 

  • Who is    Jesus - Jesus..The most influential life ever lived..More than a moral    teacher. 

  • Who is Jesus? -    Lists Christian resources that will help a person understand who Jesus    Christ is and answer questions that they may have. Has resources for    children, seekers, and mature Christians. 

  • Who is Jesus? Liar,    Lunatic or Lord? - Explores the questions: Who is Jesus of Nazareth? Is    Jesus Christ Lord, Liar or Lunatic? Is Jesus God? Is Jesus the Savior? 

  • Why the Historical Jesus    Matters - An essay by Stephen Davis, professor of philosophy and    religion at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. He argues    that there is a strong link between the Jesus found in the Gospels and the    Christ Whom Christians worship.



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