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End Times

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : End Times


  • America in Bible Prophecy -    How the economy, military preparedness, terrorism, political isolationism,    globalism, and civil disturbance will affect America. 

  • American under Fire    - World War III, nuclear destruction of America, Anti-Christ, Rapture,    prophetic dreams, and relating events of today to the End Times. 

  • Annie's End Times    Page - Rapture, news, mark of the beast, Jewish feasts, verses and    thoughts and opinions of general issues. 

  • The Basics of End    Times Bible Prophecy - Why such prophecies are important, basics of    studying, defining and comparing views, and the dangers of    misinterpretation. 

  • The Beast    - Describes and interprets the Beast of Revelation as regards the horns and    head what will result from its rise. 

  • Berean Eternal Life Ministries -    America in prophecy, Mark of the Beast, technology, pastors vision, and    related issues. 

  • Bible Prophecy Forums -    Revelation Information Portal - Bible prophecy discussions and    information regarding the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse and the first four    seals of Revelation. 

  • -    Claims Premillennial and Historicist are both Biblical as dual prophecy,    articles, and a newsletter. 

  • Catholic Answers    - Defines the Millennium and Millennial and Rapture views per the Catholic    perspective. 

  • The Church in the    Last Days...END GAME - IF it is true that we live in the last days, this    world society is preparing for the final world ruler (the antichrist)and the    forces that will bring him to power are now. 

  • Daniels    Prophecy - Vince Condarcuri interpretations of Daniel 9: 24-27. 

  • The End Times Forum - The End    Times Forum is a community for those interested in learning and discussing    topics related to the Last Days and Biblical Prophecy. 

  • The EndTime    Delusion - Aliens are fallen angels interacting with Man throughout    history and will be the great delusion of the End Times. 

  • Endtimes Ministry - Bible    studies, tracts, audio files, and endtimes forum. Articles: Should a    Christian be in the Masonic Lodge, and Goddess Worship. 

  • Eschatology Today Online    Magazine - Provides information on multiple issues and challenges one to    make up their own minds on such issues as Rapture and dreams. 

  • The Final Warning - Prophecies    of Daniel and Revelation and the messages of the Three Angels on what will    happen. 

  • Great Prophecy - Are many    blind to the events happening in our world since September 11? Learn    present-day fulfillments of Bible Prophecy. 

  • Guntercreek Prophetic Ministry -    End times topics and verses explained. (Requires Java) 

  • Israel and the    Prophecies in the Bible - God's promises to, choice, scattering, and    future of Israel. 

  • Israel in Prophecy - Israel    will be restored as the covenant nation and the supporting verses and    prophecies. 

  • The Last Days - Christ    predicted these end time signs would occur before his second coming. 

  • The    Little Book A Study of End Time Prophecy - This is a study of all Bible    Prophecy concerning the coming of the Lord and end of the World, and a    comparison of End Time Prophecy to current world events. 

  • Mark of the Beast Explained -    Describes when and how the mark of the beast will be implemented. Explains    the consequences of receiving the mark of the beast. 

  • The National    Conversion of the Jews - This site offers Biblical references that    support God's future restoration and conversion of national Israel. It    includes the contrary views, especially Lutheran, and arguments against    them. 

  • New Wine for the End Times - Study    the two-bride post-wrath rapture theory; timeline of the great tribulation;    Lord of the Sabbath; trumpet plagues; the woman about to give birth and    more. 

  • Of the Last Days - Study of    the last days and second coming. E-text of author's book. 

  • Prophecies and Visions of Judgment    - Modern prophecies of judgment on the United States and Israel when the    peace treaty concerning Israel is signed. 

  • Prophecies    for End of Times - Contains an interpretation of the end of times, and    the two resurrections, by Hannah. Your views are welcome. 

  • Second Coming -    Restoration of Israel requires the Second Coming of Christ this generations    with signs to look for as to when. 

  • 666 Soon - Examines the technology    used today that may be used by the Antichrist to institute the Mark of The    Beast. 

  • Soul Device - End Times,    Preterist, Historicism, Futurism, and comparison charts, Millennial Views,    prophecy, and cults. 

  • A Study in Opposites    - Rapture, Tribulation Period, Armageddon, Millennium, White Throne    Judgment, New Heaven and Earth, and other topics. 

  • Truthnet: The End Times -    Prophecy news and end times articles. 

  • Web pour(for) Jesus    - A bilingual (English/French) web page about the end times and the events    before the return of Jesus, the beast system, etc. 

  • What Time It Is: Coming Events In    Bible Prophecy - Read about the coming events in Bible prophecy.    Verse-by-verse outlines of Revelation, Daniel and Matthew 24. Includes five    profiles of the rapture.

  • Babylon the Great Is    Falling - Jack D Hook analyzes many of the End-Time Prophecies. The    major focus is on the identity of "Babylon" in Revelation. 

  • Between the Thieves    - An online book by John Haramia in which an old friend (John) drives    Revelations home in a bare, even frightening, manner. 

  • Blue Helmets to Jerusalem    - David A. Reed examines post-911 events and Bible prophecy that nations    would be united to intervene on the status of Jerusalem. Download book or    read online. 

  • The Gospel According to Condo    Don - HTML text to be read online, page by page. A fictitious account of    the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

  • How Near Armageddon -    Elana Janson's interpretation of the prophecies in Revelation. Revelation's    unique measurement of time is revealed, to give Christians a better    understanding of the end time. 

  • Living in the Last Days    - How believers can stand in the Last Days. 

  • Manchild Vision - On-line book    presenting the author's prophetic vision of the end-times. 

  • The Prophecies: A Journey to the    End of Time - A book by Craig Crawford looking into the future and our    destiny through the eyes of the prophets. Read online version (PDF format)    or order. 

  • Rapture Action - Free    book about the rapture of the church, read online or download. Controversial    bible studies. Steps to take to prepare for rapture. 

  • Timely Words about the Messiah -    An e-book which looks at the evidence for the End-Time, and puts forward the    view that it is firstly, conclusive and secondly, a cause for good news.    "The End-Time Harvest" goes on to suggest the sort of response    people could make as a result of these findings.

  • ABBA'S WATCHMAN - END TIMES    PROPHECY - This site is dedicated to providing proof that we are in the    last days, Syria Damascus will be a heap of ruin, Babylon which is America    will be destroyed. 

  • Current Events and their    interpretation - News, Current events and their meaning 

  • Divine News Network - The    Signs Has Begun. - Divine News Network resources contains conservative    Christian perspective news, and plenty of interesting articles to read on    the signs of Jesus' return... 

  • Endtime - News, magazine, radio,    archives, bible studies by state, and general information. 

  • The Final Times - News,    articles, and book reviews on current events in the light of end times    prophecies. 

  • - World    news and Bible prophecy articles on the Rapture, Armageddon, Israel, End    Times, Return of Christ, Great Tribulation, and the Book of Revelation. 

  • FulfilledProphecy.Com -    Reports news on recent events and how they relate to Bible prophecy. 

  • God's Voice Today - A end times    website that deals with last day prophecies, and end of the age prophetic    themes. 

  • Gog Endtimes Ministries - Consists    of the Gogindex of likelihood of a cataclysmic war in the Middle East plus    Endtime Briefs: commentaries on news stories from an endtimes perspective. 

  • Golden Calf - Retired missionary    comments on news events as they relate to Bible prophecy. 

  • Hal Lindsey Oracle - A news site    dedicated to news analysis of current events from the perspective of Bible    prophecy with Hal Lindsey. 

  • Hear the Trumpets - Single    page site arguing that current world events indicate that we are in the    midst of the first, and mildest, season of the Great Tribulation described    in the Book of Revelation. 

  • Insight into Bible Prophecy    - End time focused topical newsletter available online and by email. 

  • Jesus 888 Christ Come - Articles, news,    doctrinal examination, weather, reviews, and general issues surrounding the    end times. 

  • Last Days in the News - Videos,    news and audio clips aiming to show how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled    today. 

  • Last Days Intranet - Forums    and daily news reports from around the world concerning globalizations and    other end time events directly related to biblical prophecy. 

  • prophecy and faith for the world    - Yah's Prophet mission is to educate the world on the true name of our    father and messiah, Yahweh and Yahshua. Please feel free to register and    join our community with your input. 

  • Prophecy in the news -    How current events are fulfilling Biblical prophecy today 

  • Prophecy Today -    Israel-based journalist and radio program host Jimmy DeYoung provides    newsletter, news stories, and podcast. 

  • PropheZine - Discussion board,    audio messages, articles, newsletters, e-mail lists, and on-line store. 

  • Tomorrow's Newspaper -    Features World Round-up, news and prophecy commentary (RealAudio,    WindowsMedia), studies debunking a surprise rapture, and showing that    Biblical chariots maybe today's UFOs.



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