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Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Prophecy


  • Believe Religious    Information Source - Definitions of Biblical prophets and prophecy with    related issues and explanation. 

  • Catholic    Encyclopedia: Prophecy - Says that in the strict sense, prophecy is the    revelation of future events, but points out that in Scripture, prophecy may    also be related to the gift of knowledge and sometimes is used to refer to    divine inspiration concerning any secret. 

  • Principles    of Interpreting Prophecy - Issues and guidelines for accurate studies. 

  • Prophecy -    Defining prophets, prophecy, false prophets, and what to do about false    prophets.

  • Bolden, John D.    Hawk: Anchored in the Word Ministries - Prophecies, Bible and doctrinal    articles. 

  • Cooper, David: Preterism    Australia - Articles and resources on the preterist belief that all    prophecy has been fulfilled in Christ, his kingdom, and the church. 

  • Dass, J. and P.:    Everlasting Life Ministries - Prophecy resources. 

  • Dawber, Robyn: Watering    Hole Ministries - Prophetic speaker tells her vision. 

  • Essays and Stories - Essays    on what Christians should know about the end times, who are the    Palestinians, and a third creation theory, plus short stories. 

  • Fraley, Bob: The Beast    of Revelation 666 - Online books about the beast of Revelation and God's    coming judgement. 

  • God's Web - Presents Richard Henry    Whiteside's 1967 vision and his book. 

  • Hogan, Suzanna: The Watchman's    Post - God's plans for Israel and non-Jewish believers in the endtimes. 

  • Jerusalem Verses - News    style personal page of David A. Reed with prophecies defined and a    historical outline. 

  • Lowe, David: Unsealed Prophecy    - Relating current events to end times prophecy, salvation articles, and    studies in Revelation. 

  • McDavid, Tom: Revelations    - Bible Prophesies of the End Times - Annotated excerpts from the Bible    with a focus on prophecies about the end times. Topics include the rapture,    signs of the end times, the mark of the beast, fallen angels, and the seven    trumpets. 

  • Morning Star Ministry -    End times teaching and commentary. 

  • The Open Book - Noula says the Holy    Spirit has been speaking to her since November 1989 about the Church and the    End Times. 

  • Pedry, David: The    Indivisible Light - Apocalypse, Armageddon, and World War III discussed    in online books. 

  • Profezie di Marcello - Prophecies    and witness of Marcello ciai. 

  • Prophecy News Watch -    World events from a Biblical perspective. Discussion board, articles and    receive by email. 

  • Quest for the Eternal Creator -    Articles announcing the return of the messiah and the third temple. 

  • The Return of Jesus    - Day of the Lord, Second Coming, Rapture, Tribulation Period, restrainer,    and articles on other subjects. 

  • Tabor, Anthony and Beverly:    Flames of Fire Fellowship - Articles about prophecy and the apostolic    calling. 

  • Tomorrows    Headlines - Peace, wars, holocausts, and the return of Christ. 

  • Veasley, Lynn: God's    Message to the Church - Visions of God's messages to the church from a    man who hears God's voice every morning at 4 AM. 

  • Watts, Clay: Preparing for End    Times - Evaluation of Bible prophecy of the last days, including a    comparison of views and studies of New Testament passages. The author    cautions against dogmatism. 

  • Williamson, Dore: I Have Returned    - Talks about the End Times, and his "experiences with the Father, 3    days in hell", and "trips to heaven."

  • Generals of Intercession - Ministry    of Mike and Cindy Jacobs. Devoted to training in prayer and spiritual    warfare. Online store and articles. 

  • Jack Van Impe Ministries - Information    about their programs, devotionals, and daily international news relevant to    biblical prophecy. 

  • Kim Clement - Has a show on TBN,    and travels the United States sharing God's message of hope through word,    music, and dance. Doctrinal statement, perspective on the place of prophetic    ministry, and schedule. 

  • Prophetic Roundtable    Ministries - Prophecies and visions of Don and Bonnie Franklin,    parables, and songs of the Lord. 

  • Sure Word Ministries - An    international prophetic ministry. Articles, prophetic insights, audio    sermons, and a tape catalog.

  • Don Love Ministries - In-depth    look at Bible prophecy and its application, with a variety of study aids. 

  • Kim Miller    Concerned Christians - Tapes, charts, and radio ministry messages by Kim    Miller, who claims to be a prophet. 

  • Preparing the Way Ministries -    Ministry of the Prophet Shabar. Dedicated to revealing the identity and    destiny of Hebrew Israelites in Christ. Prophecies, teachings, news sources,    videos. 

  • The Prophetic Ministry of    Stephen W. Morris - Prophecies, visions, articles, tracts, book index,    and refuting false teachings.

  • Endtime Prophecy Net -    Articles, controversial issues, discipleship, message board, live chat, and    news in light of prophecy. 

  • Freewill    Preterist Christians - Preterist members only discussion board. 

  • The Last Days Survivalist    - End Times, survivalists, Rapture, new word order, survival hints and    suggestions, and political oppression. 

  • PreWrath Only -    Tribulation Period, restrainer, Anti-Christ, blessed hope, chat, and other    discussion issues. 

  • Prophecy Forum - A    Christian website dedicated to Bibical prophecy with topics based on the    bible. 

  • Prophecy News    Page - News articles, discussion of news, prophecies, Rapture timing,    and live chat. 

  • Prophecy Talk - Has a large    section on End Time events. Includes Bible study and current events. 

  • Rapture Watch Forum -    Discussing endtime events, rapture, and general topics.

  • The Apostles Gathering -    Cary Goodwin claims God commanded him to gather his apostles together to    fulfill prophecy. 

  • Bible    Prophecies - Fulfilled by Christ, statistical probabilities of chance,    destruction of Tyre, Israel, and qualifications of a prophet. 

  • A Dream -    Sunny's claims of personal dreams revelation with interpretations including    a Kenite doctrinal belief. 

  • Gobedo Ministries - A group of    Christians that have come together to study the book of Revelation and    Daniel. Not affiliated with any denomination, church or organization. 

  • Judah's    Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright - Prophecies concerning the lost ten    tribe of Israel and their Anglo-Israeli identity today. 

  • King Arthur of Avalon -    Claims one of the royal line of England is a descendant of King Arthur and    is the Antichrist. 

  • Messages From on High - Claims of    revelation from Mary and Jesus by Catholic Eucharistic minister and reader. 

  • Prophecies by Spiritual    Messengers of God - Spiritual messengers of God are sent for this time    to prepare a way in people's hearts, of all faiths, for the coming of the    Messiah. Hear their voice, read their words as they spoke from 1970 to 1989. 

  • 100 - 80 fulfilled    from 700 BC through the 1900 AD and 20 End Times. 

  • Prophetic Voices    - Catholic prophecies, visions, poems, parables, and songs of the Lord.



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