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Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Postmodernism


  • Acts 29 Network - A network that helps    plant Gospel-centered, missional, church-planting churches to a postmodern    mindset. 

  • Allelon - A Fellowship of Churches    is dedicated to reaching contemporary culture, establishing new communities    of faith devoted to one another, and creating new delivery systems for    equipping, and resourcing existing churches by providing information about    church planting with theological articles . 

  • Alternative Worship - A    guide to the Christian alternative worship movement worldwide - theory,    theology, practical advice and comprehensive group and website listings. 

  • Ancient and Future Catholics    - Catholic and Orthodox Christians engaging postmodern issues and problems,    and working toward unity. 

  • Christian    Faith and Postmodernity - Index of sources including magazines,    websites, essays and book reviews. 

  • Clay Feet Expressions    - Clay Feet Expressions addresses alternative postmodern ministry    philosophies and methodologies. 

  • - Resources    for churches on the edge. 

  • Culture Makers - Writing by    Andy Crouch about faith and culture. 

  • The Daily Journal -    Discussion of the emerging church. 

  • dtour - dtour is a Australian    Christian community discussing issues of life, faith, community &    worship in the emerging postmodern world. 

  • Emergent Canada - Canadian    expression of Emergent Village. 

  • Emerging Church - Resources    and links for the postmodern world. 

  • The Emerging Culture Cafe with Earl    Creps - Homepage of Dr. Earl Creps. 

  • Emerging Stories -    Finding emerging church stories of a people emerging from the modern period    of history into a postmodern time where worldviews and paradigms about life    and faith are shifting. 

  • - A    touching place for the emerging church 

  • FaithInSociety -    Commentary on events and culture from an ecumenical Christian perspective. 

  • - Tools for    navigating life in a postmodern world. 

  • Future Church - This site    explored the future postmodern church. 

  • Future Shape of Church    - Exploring issues of Faith, Culture and Postmodernity within the Christian    community. 

  • ginkworld - resources    for this generation 

  • - A collection of    writings/thoughts on culture, community and the church by Drew Goodmanson. 

  • The Gospel and Our Culture Network -    Christian leaders from a wide array of churches and organizations are    working together on the frontier of the missionary encounter of the gospel    with North American assumptions, perspectives, preferences, and practices. 

  • House Church    Blog - Interactive blog for house church, simple church, organic church    structures, leadership of emerging church. Plant, facilitate, and nurture    house churches and networks. Understand the new wineskins and share    practical ideas. 

  • I Am Paradox weblog - Thoughts    and feelings in an emerging church. 

  • Imago Dei Ministries - The    teaching ministry of Wade Hodges. 

  • International Indie Allies Meetup    - Starting point for finding gatherings of people worldwide who are engaging    postmodern culture. 

  • discussion about    life, spirituality, and ministry in the postmodern matrix - blog website    for discussion about life, spirituality, and ministry in the postmodern    matrix 

  • Jonny Baker's Weblog - Taking a    look at the emerging culture and alternative worship in the U.K. and the    rest of the world. 

  • - Directory    and weblog of sites and articles that deal with the church and the    postmodern culture. 

  • - Home of    Leonard Sweet, theologian, author, and futurist. 

  • The Life Cycle Project - A    Canadian church planting movement. 

  • Millennium Matrix - Website    for author Rex Miller and his book, The Millenium Matrix. 

  • Missiology    (Gospel & Culture) - Site looking at trends of culture, history of    change and theological implications. 

  • Mission Stories Media - Media    resources for the postmodern church and mission field. 

  • Mustard Seed Associates - Tom and    Christine Sine's teaching ministry 

  • A New Kind of Christian    - Personal website for author, storyteller, and theologian, Brian McLaren. 

  • Next Wave Web Magazine - A monthly    magazine on the web for pastors, church planters and Christian leaders about    ministry and the nature of church in the postmodern era or 21st century. 

  • Precipice Magazine -    Precipice Magazine is an online Christian source for dialogue, interaction    and opinion about current affairs and the ongoing societal shift from the    modern into the postmodern era. 

  • Present Testimony Ministry - We are    dedicated to the restoration of the simplicity of early Christianity: the    centrality of Jesus Christ, the first-century Christian mindset, and the    practice of the early church. 

  • Resonate - A national conversation    about the Gospel, culture, and following God in a Canadian context. 

  • Rev. Magazine - Rev. redefines    ministry by helping pastors revitalize, rev-up and revolutionize their    ministry. This bimonthly magazine is for pastors who want to try something    new...change old attitudes...take a risk. 

  • Road Forks - Interactive decision    making tools for the journey of life. 

  • Sacramentis - a site created by    Sally Morgenthaler, author of Worship Evangelism, to cater to the needs of    churches in offering resources and information on new forms of worship. 

  • Sent Church - A journal of    Missional Church resources. 

  • seven - magazine, discussion    boards, and weblog dealing with ministry in a postmodern culture. 

  • - A weblog    looking at an emerging Australian culture and the Gospel. 

  • Small Fire - a photographic    archive of alternative worship 

  • Small Ritual - Steve    Collins' personal site - includes photographs, writing and creative thinking    on church issues. 

  • Small Voices Journal - An online    journal of a community of believers attempting to live out an authentic    Christianity in today's western culture. 

  • Tall Skinny Kiwi -    Tracking God in the emerging global culture. 

  • - Weblog dealing    with church, Christianity, and postmodernity. 

  • Thin Spaces - The personal    journey of a pastor and church planter following Christ in the emerging    culture & church. 

  • Thinker Labs - An open source    experiment in sharing media resources for the emerging church. 

  • Third Day Churches - A new    way of doing church in the third millenium 

  • Third Millennium Church - An    investigation into creating a Christian church for postmodern people in both    theology and practice. Includes essays, forums, art, and opinion. 

  • Urban Onramps - Content    and networking for urban-minded Christians around the world. 

  • Velocity Culture - resources    for an innovative leadership ethos in a postmodern context. 

  • A Warning to    the Public - A warning to those thinking about attending a 'christian    church'. 

  • - A place to    tell our collective stories as we attempt to redefine and recapture the    essence of church in a postmodern world.   


  • Generation-X    - A look inside fundamentalism's answer to MTV: the postmodern church. (January    1, 1998) 

  • The Riddle    of Our Postmodern Culture - So what is postmodernism, and why should we    even care? An essay from Christianity Today / Leadership Journal by David L.    Goetz (January 1, 1991)



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