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Creation vs Evolution

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Creation vs Evolution


  • The American    Scientific Affiliation Creation/Evolution Page - The ASA has no official    position on evolution, and this page offers resources on various sides of    the issue, including historical, scientific and biblical/theological papers    as well as current issues in the news. 

  • Article    Database - Jonathan Wells - Inherit The Spin: Darwinists Answer "Ten    Questions" with Evasions and Falsehoods - Critique of Darwinist    arguments on Discovery Institute site. 

  • CARM: Evolution Debate Archive    - Some of the debates that have occurred on the "Christian Apologetics    & Research Ministry" Creation Evolution Debate Board. Includes    debates on dating methods, transitional forms, genetics, and the philosophy    of science. 

  • Creationism    - Discusses four different models for the creation of the universe and    earth. 

  • Defend Your Faith - Various    arguments in favour of creationism. 

  • - Creation Science Evangelism    - Lively creation site that highlights Dr. Hovind's offer of a $250,000.00    award to anyone who presents credible proof of evolution. Pictures of    20th-century dinosaurs and other evidences supporting biblical creation. 

  • 16    Errors in Evolutionary Theory - An examination of the terms 'Natural    Selection' and 'Survival of the Fittest'. 

  • Evolution of Man    Scientifically Disproved - From 1925 by William A. Williams. An article    from a historical perspective, regardless of one's belief. 

  • The Genesis Network - Detailed    synopsis of the question of origins using the Bible and Scientific evidence. 

  • In The Beginning God Created    the Heaven and the Earth - Arguments against creationism, plus also some    teaching about angels and Halloween. 

  • Insects Bug    Evolutionism - Arguments against Darwinian evolution from the standpoint    of creationism and using examples from the insect world. 

  • Institute for Creation Research - ICR -    Indepth scientific and biblical information regarding the creation/evolution    controversy. 

  • Joe's Creationism    vs. Evolution Page - Brief debate against evolution. Answers to common    questions asked about creationism and origins. 

  • Operation Evolution -    Taking Evolution to the Battlefield - Provides scientific facts that    evolution is just a joke. Includes a video for sale. 

  • A Summary of Creation    Evolution Issues - A summary table of creation vs. evolution theories    with connecting links to research sites. 

  • Was Darwin Right? -    Creationist site examines Darwin's propositions and offers alternate    explanations for evidence cited in favor of evolution. 

  • Was Darwin Wrong? -    Critical reviews of more than 40 books by 38 authors on the subject of    evolution, pro and con. Includes strictly secular anti-evolution arguments    as well as a sampling of intelligent design arguments.



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