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Origins and Creation Books

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Origins and Creation Books


  • Biblical Classification of Life    - This book by author Chard Berndt provides an analysis of the Modern    Taxonomy from a biblical perspective, provides an alternate classification    system and explores further implications. Print and Online editions    available. 

  • A Brief    History of the Modern American Creation Movement - Chronology focusing    on the people and organizations responsible for promoting the varied ideas    of creationism. Includes bibliography of print resources. 

  • Center for Scientific Creation    - An online edition of Dr. Walt Brown's book: In the Beginning: Compelling    Evidence for Creation and the Flood (7th Edition). 

  • In Six    Days - 50 scientists with doctorates from recognized universities    explain their reasons for believing in divine creation. Ed. John Ashton.    Complete text available online 

  • Intelligent Design or    Evolution? - Online version of "Intelligent Design or Evolution?    Why the Origin of Life and the Evolution of Molecular knowledge imply    design." Includes fairly technical information. 

  • Moses    Didn't Write About Creation - First chapter of the book by Herman    Cummings. A Biblical history of prehistoric man. 

  • Science    That Backs Up the Bible - Excerpts from Sylvia Baker's book, Bone of    Contention. 

  • Scientific Theology: Online    Book by Paul Giem - Develops a theology modeled on science and suggests    corrections in current scientific thinking in areas such as origins of life.    Extensive coverage of radiometric dating. HTML and PDF format. 

  • The Theory of Creation -    Jim Schicatano offers a scientific analysis/commentary of the Genesis    creation story from a long-chronology perspective. Introduction & sample    chapters from the book. 

  • World's Greatest    Creation Scientists from Y1K to Y2K - Online overview of life work and    accomplishments of major scientists from 1000 to 2000 AD. Includes    illustrations and background material.



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