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Origins and Creation

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Origins and Creation


  • Accuracy in Genesis -    Offers perspectives which set out to be affirming of the scriptural Genesis    record. Biblical accounts with detailed comment. 

  • A Brief History    of the Modern American Creation Movement - Article by Jerry Bergman,    originally published in Contra Mundum No. 7 Spring 1993. 

  • Christian Reform    Ministry - Site stressing the importance of religious tolerance, dealing    with current social issues, creationism and integration of science with    Biblical practice. 

  • A Created Solar System -    Earth-Moon cycles and their relationship to creation, slowing spin of the    earth, created time. 

  • Creation Science -    Resources related to the study of origins and science from a creationist    perspective; the problems of molecules to men and evolution/naturalism. 

  • The Creation Science Association for    Mid-America - Aimed at educating people regarding the vast amount of    scientific evidence that supports Biblical Creation as the true account of    origins. 

  • Creation Scientists    - Find the degrees and accomplishments of leading creation scientists in    biology, physics, geology and astronomy. 

  • - Dinosaurs,    fossils, evolution, creation, the Flood, and our ancient history are all    topics of interest here. Site is translated into several languages. 

  • Evolving    Implications - Article by Michael Spielman outlines the social    implications of evolutionary principles. 

  • Molecular History Research Center -    Conducting creation research in molecular biological issues. The MHRC is    researching possible explanations for the formation of similar unprocessed    pseudo genes found in different species such as man and chimpanzee. 

  • Organic Evolution, A Pagan    Religion - Evolution discussed along with,creation,science and the    Bible,the missing link,transmutation,pagan religion,creation vs. evolution    and other aspects of this raging debate. A Christian tract on evolution. 

  • Polonium Halos: Evidence for Earth's    Instant Creation - Robert V. Gentry (Earth Science Associates) sees the    polonium halos in granite as evidence for a young earth. 

  • The Revolution Against Evolution -    Dozens of essays, as well as a FAQ, bookstore, videos, five online books, as    well as an Internet Correspondence Course sponsored by Mount Hope Bible    Training Institute. 

  • Stars of    Light - Discussion of scientific methods and their reliability. 

  • Truth Cannot    Contradict Truth - Pope John Paul II's statement about evolution and    faith, on October 22, 1996, to the Pontifical Academy of Science. How God's    revealed truth can be harmonized with scientifically observed truth. 

  • World Wide Christian Web - Scientific    and logical evidence for a Creator God and the truth of Christianity.



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