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Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Activism


  • Activist Quaker    honored - Nancy Pocock, Friend of Refugees, 1910 - 1998 

  • Call to Renewal - Uniting    individuals, organizations, and churches in advocacy and coordination of    social (mainly poverty) programs. 

  • Christians Aware - A UK    based, international and ecumenical movement aiming to develop    multi-cultural understanding, raising awareness of the gifts and needs of    God's people everywhere. 

  • Christians for Biblical    Equality International - Membership organization advocating equality of    women and men in such areas as church offices. 

  • The Duty is Ours - Organization    stressing personal commitment to God's values leading to political action. 

  • Fox Enterprises, Ltd. - Non-profit    organization that fights for the freedom of religion and right thinking. 

  • Healthy Church    Discipling/Stewardship Center - The secret of 8 quality characteristics    and 4 leading indicators of a healthy church are found in Waldo J. Werning's    12 Pillars of a Healthy Church, enabling an effective response to Christ and    His Great Commission. 

  • Hill Connections - Ministry    rooted in the Catholic tradition linking contemplation with social justice,    and faith with action. Its goal is to build a just and peaceful world. 

  • Jacques    Ellul - Information on Jacques Ellul, Christian theologian and    anarchist. 

  • The Law and Liberty Foundation    - Non-profit foundation provides essays on government, education, and social    issues from Christian perspective. 

  • National Coalition for the    Protection of Children and Families (NCPCF) - Dedicated to promote    conservative Christian views of marriage and sexuality, and fight moral    relativism. 

  • Notes from Under the Fig    Tree - Articles and essay by Rev. Jim Lewis of a pacifist nature. 

  • Portland Porcupine -    Anti-abortion news and commentary. 

  • Wake Up America, Inc. -    Legislative and conservative activism, to oppose gay marriage, euthanasia,    and abortion. Links, newsletters, contact information, and other resources.

  • Christian Coalition of Alabama -    Provides legislative scorecard, political reports, polling information, and    details on voter registration in the state. 

  • Christian Coalition of Colorado -    County chairmen, legislative contacts, and description of activities. 

  • Christian Coalition of Florida - A    pro-family, pro-life educational organization dedicated to promoting values    in politics through citizen action. 

  • Christian Coalition of    Georgia - Provides information on voter issues, political topics, press    releases, and calendar of events. 

  • Christian Coalition of Ohio -    Official state chapter site features event information, local activist    links, and membership information. 

  • Christian Coalition of Oregon -    Profiles the CCO, highlights latest political news, provides political    resources, and informs on membership and upcoming events. 

  • Hawaii Christian Coalition -    Provides guide to organizational goals, political issues, news, and HCC    report archive. 

  • Iowa Christian Coalition -    Features calendar, caucus handbook, action alerts, voter guide, and state    and national news updates. 

  • Lorain County Christian    Coalition - Ohio. Features grassroots citizen organization working on    behalf of families who want to see less government intrusion and more    family-friendly public policy. 

  • Miami Dade County Christian Coalition -    Miami Dade County Christian Coalition. Activities, articles and newsletter    signup. 

  • New Jersey Christian    Coalition - Mission statement, news, editorials, agenda, and links. 

  • New York Christian    Coalition - Features political reports, issue articles, current    legislation updates, and Empire State newsletter. 

  • Northern    Virginia Christian Coalition - Features political news, archived    stories, and contact information of officers. 

  • Tennessee Christian Coalition    - Mailing list, news and contact information.



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