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Spiritual Warfare

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Spiritual Warfare


  • Armed and Dangerous: Prayer -    Guide to developing or enhancing a relationship with God and becoming a more    effective prayer warrior. Categorized lessons and inspirational quotes. 

  • Arsenal for Global Warfare    - Non-denominational resource. Articles, teachings, news, tests, prophecies,    prayers, tools, reference, and training. 

  • At Issue: Spiritual    Warfare - Articles and essays from Seventh-day Adventists with a    recommended reading list. 

  • Battle Focused Ministries -    Team focused teachings using categorized scripture and short commentaries. 

  • The Battle of Life -    Series of messages by Ray C. Stedman in html, PDF, and MP3 format. 

  • Bible    Teaching: Spiritual Warfare - Lessons from Tore Johannessen. 

  • Biblical    Discernment Ministries - Essays on misinformation in the church. 

  • Do You    Believe in Spiritual Warfare - A Biblical discussion. 

  • Exorcism - Information from a    Catholic perspective on possession, sacraments, exorcists, healing,    deliverance prayers, and confession. Prayer requests and reference books. 

  • Exorcism and Deliverance    - Information on demons, possession, and deliverance. 

  • Kingdoms in Conflict -    Satan's rebellion, fallen angels, and the believer's authority in Christ. 

  • Living Word Foundation - School of    intercession, spiritual warfare, and prophetic ministry. Offers materials    aimed at new Christians concerning the end-times. 

  • Ohio Spiritual Warfare Center (OSWC) -    Provides information and resources to learn and deal with the occult, new    age, and the varying stages of demonetization from a Catholic perspective.    Prayer team and requests, warfare prayers, votive chapels, and rosary    tutorial. 

  • An Overview of    the Battle - Briefing in outline form suitable for group Bible study. 

  • The Premise Of    Spiritual Warfare - Document examining relation to alien abductions. 

  • Spiritual Warfare    - Studies in scripture covering the names of God, blood of Christ, armor of    God, enemies and allies, and corporate prayer. 

  • Spiritual    Warfare - Articles and essays on the armor of God. 

  • Spiritual    Warfare - Lessons and correspondence. 

  • Spiritual Warfare: A Study    in the Scriptures - Outline for a Bible study. 

  • Spiritual    Warfare Forum - Forum to answer questions from the Catholic perspective. 

  • Spiritual Warfare Ministries - An    organization for educating and equipping believers for spiritual warfare,    healing and deliverance. 

  • Spiritual Warfare Prayer Warriors    - Spiritual gifts test, links, newsletter, articles, tools, devotionals,    prayers, and prayer book. 

  • Spiritual Warfare:    What's it About? - A study on the basics. Study questions, glossary, and    links to related topics. 

  • Warfare    and Deliverance - A ministry for basic and advanced training.



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