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Prayer Request Pages

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Prayer Request Pages


  • Childprayer International Prayer    Hospital - Posted or private/confidential. For children and adults. 

  • Christ the Healer Ministries    - Group of prayer warriors. Healing materials and weekly sermon. 

  • Christian Prayers -    Requests by e-mail. 

  • Christian Prayers -    Bulletin board and prayer support group. 

  • Christians United    Ministries, Inc. - Group of inter-denominational Christians with a    burden to pray for the needs of others. Submit requests by e-mail, phone, or    regular mail. Links and newsletter. 

  • City of Prayer -    Submit requests for encouragement, healing, intercession, pastoral, or any    other needs. Needs, prayer chapel, and praises. 

  • Compassionate    Prayer - Intercessory prayer for people with brain disorders and their    family and friends. 

  • Ears to Hear: Prayer    Wall - Bulletin board for requests and praise reports. 

  • Fully Rely On God - Prayer    request board. 

  • Gatekeeper for God    - Intercession, praise, worship and Bible teachings. 

  • Global Evangelistic Association:    Prayer - Private requests prayed over every Sunday and daily by    intercessors. 

  • Global Prayer Warriors    - News, forum, prayer calendar, and children's ministry. 

  • God is Listening -    Prayer partner. Message board and e-mail. 

  • Grace and the Truth    Ministry: Prayer Request - Requests and praises submitted to prayer    warrior e-mail ring. 

  • Greater Grace Prayer Chain -    International group of prayers warriors. E-mail and phone line. 

  • Hallelujah Prayer    Warriors - Group of intercessors praying three times daily. Submit    requests or join. 

  • Harvest Time    Assembly of God - Ministry of local church. Requests, praises, and    encouragement. 

  • Healing Through    Prayer Ministry - Prayer partner with guestbook and e-mail. 

  • Healing4Kids - E-mail prayer    list for chronically and critically ill children at Children's Hospital in    Columbus, Ohio. 

  • In All Things    Pray: Prayer Site - Bulletin board. 

  • Innocent Heart Prayer Warriors    - Children world-wide ages 5-12 that take prayer requests and pray everyday    for 30 days. 

  • Interactive Prayer System - Available to    intercessor groups internationally. Sort by category or region. 

  • Intercessory Prayer    Fellowship - Forum and prayers. 

  • Intercessory Prayer Warriors    - Ministry of Faith Covenant Community Church of America. Daily prayer    devotional. 

  • The International    Prayer Network - Submit requests to international prayer chain    volunteers. 

  • Lighthouse of Hope    - Group of prayer warrior volunteers and inspirational newsletter. 

  • Morning-Star Rising - Women's    prayer chapel. Phone line and online list. 

  • OnLine Prayer Center - Ministry of    Phoenix First Assembly of God. Public or private requests, links, events,    resources. 

  • Only the Word: Prayer Points    - International, weekly mailing list. 

  • Perfecting Word    Deliverance Ministries: Prayer Room - Online list. 

  • Place of Prayer - Prayer    partner. Requests by e-mail, prayer letter, and testimonies. 

  • Post a Prayer - Forum with    topical categories for prayer requests. 

  • 24-7 Prayer -    Worldwide, non-stop network of prayer rooms. 

  • Prayer Chain - Online list. 

  • The Prayer Connection -    Prayer partners for military and those affected by the events of 9/11. 

  • Prayer Line - Message,    testimonies, links, and guestbook. 

  • Prayer Line - Call    center. Requests by phone. 

  • Prayer Request    Page - Online list and nightly prayer digest from United Christian    Ministry. 

  • Prayer    Requests - Prayer partner. 

  • Prayer Requests - Secular    order Franciscan. E-mail or post. 

  • The Prayer Room    - Prayer partner. E-mail and guestbook. 

  • Prayer.LA - International group of    intercessors. Monthly prayer board and e-mail requests. 

  • Prayerlink - View, post, and    respond to requests. Story of Prayerlinks beginnings. Email address for    direct prayer request. 

  • PrayerList.Com - Public online    list. 

  • Praying Daily    - Intercessory prayer partners. 

  • Praying Through the Arabian Peninsual    (PTAP) - Intercession on behalf of the Arabian Peninsula. Prayer guide,    brochure, video, weekly update, monthly focus, and translation. 

  • Somebody Cares Prayer Ministry -    Bible promises, links, and guestbook. 

  • Sylvia    and Dale in Prayer - Prayer partners. Requests listed by subject and    e-mail prayer chain. 

  • United Prayer    Partners - Prayer groups with team leaders. 

  • Upper Room Living Prayer    Center - Intercessory prayer ministry. Requests by phone or e-mail,    articles, and youth prayer ministry. 

  • Virtual    Christian Center - Online list.



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