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Centering Prayer

Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Centering Prayer


  • The Cloud of    Unknowing - "A book of contemplation ... , in which the soul is one    with God." 14th-century work upon which the theology of centering    prayer is based. 

  • Contemplative Outreach - A    non-profit organization that teaches and promotes the practice of centering    prayer. 

  • Contemplative Outreach Northwest -    Committed to renewing the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in primarily    Washington State. Offers prayer groups, retreats, and workshops. 

  • Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver    - Promotes and supports the practice of centering prayer. Local groups and    when they meet, news items, upcoming events. 

  • Contemplative Outreach of New Mexico    - Serves through the practice and teaching of centering prayer. Includes    prayer groups meeting schedule and events. 

  • CP-Support -    E-mail support group for those who are practicing centering prayer. Option    to read online if you subscribe. 

  • The Method of    Centering Prayer - The "official" method of centering prayer,    as described by Thomas Keating. 

  • Prayer: The    Contemplative Way - Encourages centering and contemplative prayer and    provides links to further instruction on the same.



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