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Christian Prayer and Perspectives : Prayer


  • ABC of Prayer - An    outline for prayer, a sign-up to hold an ABC Prayer Crusade, and e-mail    discussion links for prayer requests and for sharing experiences in prayer. 

  • Adonai's Love -    Here you will find links to great Christian prayer examples. 

  • Advocates in Prayer -    Group of prayer partners. Requests by e-mail and intercessor partner    program. 

  • Amen-online - An Ecumenical project    with prayers from four millennia. 

  • America Praying On Line - A community    of individuals who share a common faith in Prayer, Jesus Christ and have a    genuine concern for you and your family. Post or reply to a prayer request. 

  • Angel Pin And Prayer    Ministry - Lift up those affected by the Sept. 11th attacks. 

  • Answers2Prayer - Tips to    effective communication with God, prayer requests, and Bible studies.    Devotional email newsletters. 

  • Bible Pilgrim - Prayer    fellowship, Bible topics, music and on-line journal 

  • Call to Prayer - A prayer calendar    highlighting the prayer needs for Bible translation, publication and    outreach projects around the world. 

  • Christian    Unity Prayer - Prayers, also available in a single download, for    Christian unity. 

  • Confessions    and Prayers Based on the Word - Some prayers and Scriptural declarations    to facilitate powerful and effective Christian living. 

  • Daily Prayer - Daily    prayer for busy Christians - morning evening and night prayer with full    Bible readings for use online or to download to a PDA 

  • Ecumenical Miracle Rosary -    Catholics and Protestants alike can feel comfortable with this unique rosary    based on Jesus' miracles. 

  • - Electronic prayers for    every occasion and opportunity to add your favorite prayer. You may also    send your prayer requests and they will be forwarded to the Evangeline    Prayer Group. Daily inspiration, prayer chat room, gift shop. 

  • ePrayerNet - One of the    Internet's oldest prayer networks. Operated by JesusCafe Ministries, sign up    to receive the periodic ePN Bulletin, and send in your own prayer requests    and praise reports. 

  • Family Prayer Mission -    Ontario - Canada - In order to help families to start and hold on to the    practice of daily family prayer, an organization was formed called the    Family Prayer Mission (Ontario)Canada. 

  • First Nations Monday -    Native American prayer mobilization effort of All Nations Fellowship and    Running Brook Ministries International. 

  • Florida Prayer Network - Seeks    to unite individuals, churches, and ministries to form a prayer network to    seek God for the healing of our nation. Adopt leaders for whom to pray. 

  • Global Prayer Link -    Thought is Energy! Use special healing gift within, This infusion of love    will help others, You will be facilitating spiritual expansion, awareness,    wisdom and learn perfect self-healing meditation. 

  • God Talks To You - Offers    suggestions for beginning a new dialogue with God. 

  • A Grain of Wheat - Prayers and    reflections on the effect of God's love on our lives 

  • Healing Scripture Prayer and    Miracles - Learn how to pray to God for healing and miracles. 

  • How to    Pray - Discussion on how to approach prayer and ways to pray. 

  • In All Things, Pray - Submit and    view prayer requests, schedule prayer time with fellow Christians around the    world. Sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. 

  • The Incredible Power of    Prayer - Prayer is one of the great-unclaimed resources for the    Christian. This section shares several exciting examples of the incredible    power of prayer. 

  • Interview With God - An imaginary    question and answer session with God set to Shockwave animation. 

  • Intimate Prayer - Encouraging    the spiritual communion between Christ and the believer through articles on    prayer and links to further resources. 

  • Jesus Calls Prayer Tower -    Daily messages, prayers, bible portions, blessings and much more from Dr.    D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and the Jesus Calls Ministries. 

  • Just Thinking    - Inspirational and informative writings on prayer, intimacy with God, and    the Christian life. 

  • King David - A Christian poetry    and prayer site with a thought for the day. 

  • Lift Up Your Hearts: Sites    Devoted to Christian Spirituality - Catalogue of sites offering    spirituality-related information and materials which may be helpful to    leaders in spiritual formation and others. 

  • Liturgy Archive    - Offers liturgies, prayers, links to daily devotionals and Bibles, and    other resources for the contemplative Christian. 

  • My Prayer Book    - An E-Book for Windows, that contains prayers for daily Christian living. 

  • Notts Prayer Network - The    Notts Prayer Network is open to anyone who believes in the power of prayer    through Jesus Christ and has a burden for the City and County of Nottingham 

  • Orando Praying - A collection of    prayers for different needs such as peace, serenity, pardon, and blessings.    It is a bilingual site, it has the same prayer in Spanish, and English. The    format allows the visitor to print the prayer easily in one page. 

  • Oremus - Daily prayer and worship    resources. Includes resources for daily prayer and other worship, including    hymns, liturgical forms and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. 

  • Poems and Inspirations    - Christian site with poems and prayers for encouragement. 

  •    - A praise and worship resource. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.    Copyright 2000 by Evangelist Paula Baptiste. 

  • Pray! - A magazine    for "encouraging a passion for prayer". Online archives and    search. 

  • Pray911 - Includes prayer requests,    praise reports, inspiration for daily life, monthly message, prayer partner,    mission of the month, and places to worship. 

  • Pray All Day - A    directory of sites, ministries, phone numbers, networks, and Bible studies    devoted to prayer. 

  • Pray Discover and    Obey - Through prayer discovery and obediance to God's will can occur. 

  • Pray for the Unborn -    Christian site advocates daily prayer to end abortion. Offers teachings, and    allows you to submit prayer requests. 

  • Pray Hard - A    practical outline for setting aside a daily time for intercessory prayer. 

  • Pray Today - Offers selected    scripture verses and personal insights to encourage daily prayer, knowledge    and intimacy with God. 

  • Prayer 4 All People -    Prayer resources and links on world missions, the persecuted church and    world news. Information on the 24/7 House of Prayer movement    worldwide,"harp and bowl" and intercession. 

  • Prayer    - Intimacy with God - Bible teaching on what prayer is, how to pray, and    different kinds of prayer, in order to lead to effective praying. 

  • The Prayer Closet -    This web site is designed to encourage and equip believers in their prayer    lives. 

  • Prayer For The Persecuted    Church - International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is    raising the awareness of religious persecution of Christians in China and    the Sudan. 

  • The Prayer Guide - How to    pray, daily prayer times, prayer book reviews, prayer requests. Also prayers    to pray. 

  • Prayer    is Powerful - Powerful prayers available on this site with promises from    God and true stories of prayers answered. Submit yours. 

  • Prayer Quotes    (and Quoted Prayers) - Weekly quotes to inform, inspire, instruct, and    encourage your praying. 

  • Prayer Warriors, Intercession And    Quiet Time Tips - Teaching and guidelines on prayer and intercession.    Submit requests. Many links to other sites with similar content. Home of the    Ring of Intercessors, a group of dedicated internet prayer warriors. 

  • Prayer web ph - A spiritual refuge    site dedicated to personal and group prayer, Christianity, and spiritually    uplifting articles. 

  • PrayerCentral - Promoting the    power of prayer to help you change your world. 

  • - Online    prayer journal for prayer requests, praises, and answers. Entries my be    public, shared with a select few or private. 

  • Prayerlinks - A worldwide    circle of prayer. 

  • -    Prayer-Ministry exists to pray for your emotional, physical and spiritual    needs and provides a range of self-help resources. 

  • PrayerNet Ministries -    Prophetic words given by God, and newsletters with articles about    Christ-centered living. Leave prayer requests or praise reports. Follow    their ministry schedule. 

  • Prayers At Work - Prayers At    Work's purpose is to help people at work serve Christ and live life to the    fullest and to help people at work realize their vocation is their ministry. 

  • Prayers That Avail Much - Website    for the Prayers That Avail Much book series by Germaine Copeland, with    bookstore, prayer requests, and daily prayer features. 

  • Praying Each Day    - Gives a reflection and prayer specific to each day of the year. 

  • Praying More    Effectively - Commentary on the five parts of prayer, Nehemiah and his    prayers, and speaking in tongues. 

  • PRAYLubbock! - Provides the    vision and tells current events in a prayer revival in Lubbock, Texas. Also    shares pointers for praying for a community. 

  • Pro-Life Prayers    - Prayers for life composed by visitors to the site. 

  • Rosaries of Divine Union -    Rosaries for the Contemplative Dimension of Prayer 

  • Secret Sanctuary -    Deep within your soul there is a Sanctuary and within this Sanctuary lies    peace, hope, truth and love. 

  • Solitude with God -    Support and encouragement for people to spend time in solitude with God. 

  • Spirit of Prayer - Old and    new resources concerning the spirit of prayer: the relationship of the human    soul to God, to other people and to itself. 

  • Your Prayer Place - An    ecumenical Christian community of prayer with a daily prayer calendar and    prayer request area.



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